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The Clinic

A Little History

Balanced Health was opened in 2013 by my aunt Lynn Stuart, with the vision of creating a safe place for healing on all levels, Mind, Body and Spirit. Not aligning with the sometimes cold, sterile atmosphere of other massage clinics, she instead focused on designing an atmosphere of warmth and relaxation infused with love and care. When I took over the clinic in 2019 it was my goal to honor her tradition of holistic wellness. To promote healing and growth, with a dash of fun. 

Benefits of massage therapy

Massage is a wonderful and versatile therapy. Its effectiveness on many of our bodily systems gives us the opportunity to treat all sorts of maladies and injuries. Manual manipulation of tense muscles and soft tissue can correct postural issues, post-injury compensation and subacute injury rehabilitation, management of chronic pain and sleeping disorders, and most importantly (especially these past few years) provide stress relief. Our practitioners have extensive knowledge of the body, movement principles, and bio-psycho-social philosophies to help you find your balance.

Massage Therapy Port Coquitlam
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